Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Break

I am very close to earning my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon University. One of the requirements is student teaching: 7 weeks in a birth to PreK setting, 8 weeks in a K-3rd grade setting. Lolly was kind enough to allow me to complete my preschool practicum at Sheldon Jackson Child Care, so my entire summer break was spent in Sitka!

It was wonderful to reconnect with long-time friends and enjoy the amazing scenery and cooler weather.

Highliner coffee after mass with Michael and Charles

Kenny's Wok & Teriyaki with Vicki.  Love that she still has that shirt!

Sitka Hotel after the Summer Music Festival Cafe Concert with Carolyn.

Just another beautiful view of Sitka.

Waiting for Community Ride at Sea Mart

Ready to participate in the 5K with Jennifer

Herring Cove

Post 5K treats at Grandma Tilly's.  Cake by the ocean.

Flower garden at Crescent Harbor.

Morning coffee.

More Crescent Harbor views.

View from O'Connell bridge (walking to the airport to meet Chris!)

Chris is back from her trip!

St. Michael's as seen from the middle of the road.

Relaxing on the lawn at the Pioneer Home with Rosie.

Outside Bridget's house.

Heather and me.

Pizza Express with Karlee

St. Michael's again

Downtown Sitka

Boats in the sun

Harbor Mountain hike with Steve, Charles, Chris and others 
Harbor Mountain - amazing views in every direction

Pioneer Bar after our hike

Only Fools Run at Midnight solstice 5K with Jennifer

Fun evening with the Steffes family

Eagles are everywhere

Eagle on top of St. Michael's

Crashed the book club meeting at Baranof Fish Market with Jaye, Tracey, Anne and Kelly.

Rockwell Lighthouse from Castle Hill. 
Back on Harbor Mountain for Charles' birthday

Happy Birthday, Charles! 
And the clouds roll in

Totem Park beach with the Evans and O'Donnell families

Paying back -- they're putting coins in the money bear


Annie is stumped

It's a humpie

Totem Park after our walk

Morning coffee with Chris

S'Mores with Michael, Jackie,  
Last breakfast in Sitka -- Cinnamon rolls from Grandma Tilly's

Last walk in the rain with Chris before my flight

Bye, Sitka!

Deb was kind enough to pick us up at midnight at Sky Harbor.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day.

(Rated R for language.  You've been warned.)

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about this.  Really. But recently I had an inner monologue in which I divided my life into Scenes.

Scene I: My life before children.  Clueless, wandering, discovering.
Scene II. My life as a mom.  Planning, organizing, directing.
Scene III.  My children are assholes.
Scene IV.  TBD.

Assholes?!?!?  I know.  That sounds really harsh.  Here's the thing.  My children don't need me. They're both 20-something and married.  They don't need me, so I don't hear from them.

In a few weeks, I'll be heading to Sitka, and I'm dreading the question: "How are the kids?" because, honestly, I don't know. They don't need me, I don't hear from them, so I assume they are fine.

I'm really okay with this. Either I failed miserably and raised selfish, ungrateful children; OR I was a total success as a mother and raised children who are self-sufficient and competent (which is why I don't hear from them). It's okay.

I did not hear from either of them on my birthday, which makes them both assholes.  And tomorrow is Mother's Day. We'll see.

I defined myself as Mom for so long, and really did not know who I would be AFTER.  How would I define myself?  What would I do?

The thing is, I can do whatever the fuck I want. And AMEN to that. So Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Verde Valley Wine Trail!

I've wanted to do this road trip for a while! Lori and I drove up through Prescott Valley and into Jerome, thinking we'd visit three or four wineries. The drive up is beautiful!

Our first stop, Cellar 433 in Jerome. Our sommelier, Shell, set the bar REALLY high for all other tasting rooms. She was adorable, knowledgeable, and so sweet. We tried six wines -- three white blends and three red blends. Enjoyed a cheese platter and enjoyed the view!

Lori was getting a little silly, but still oh so sophisicated!  (Note: the pinky is out!)

Just up the hill is Haunted Hamburger. Shell was kind enough to hold the wine I purchased so we didn't have to carry it.
 Hungry!  I had the sourdough burger. Nom nom nom.
 Many of the leaves have already fallen, but there were still a few colorful spots.  This one is right outside the fudge shop. It was raining lightly and the air smelled SO GOOD.
Next (and last) stop:  Page Springs Cellars. The atmosphere is lovely. The service not so much. No tasting notes, no information about the wines (other than the name). As I mentioned, Shell set the bar HIGH. 

 At least we got the last slice of cheesecake to share!

I bet the vineyard is absolutely beautiful in the spring!